7 Free Ways To Boost Traffic Using Twitter

Twitter is among the world’s leading social networking service. All trendy and latest news on the internet, be it sports, politics, entertainment, etc. happening anywhere in the world, can be found on Twitter.

Considering that it is viral among internet users, Twitter can be used to drive tons of traffic back to your website or blog. Although for you to drive traffic using Twitter, you need creativity and to be proactive at the same time. Tweeting your blog’s or websites title with a link back to the site embedded to it won’t entirely give the expected results.

Below are a few techniques you could try in order to drive traffic using Twitter. These include;

1. Come up with intriguing headlines:

With a catchy headline, statistics indicate that you can improve by about 73% your conversion rate on a link. The trick behind this is coming up with something that your target audience always wants to read about. You can make your headline even catchier by tapping into a controversial area in your area of interest, or you could as well create contention by disputing with a widely acknowledged idea.

2. Proper use of #hashtags:

If there’s an excellent way for tweets to be spread to various topics, it has to be by the use of hashtags. Hashtags are one of the best ways to connect with users on Twitter, not just your followers. Creating your hashtag could help you promote your blog or website making it one of the most effective techniques to drive traffic using Twitter.

3. Use images that are visually appealing:

Users will be attracted to your blog or website post tweets if you make that extra effort to make them appealing as well as enticing. Fix a catchy image that relates to your post in your post tweet and observe as more traffic drives back to your site.

4. Again, be proactive:

The more you tweet your website posts, the more you keep your followers engaged. Proactiveness is an awesome way to continuously drive traffic to your site using twitter since your followers will always have something to click on by you.

5. Extract a fascinating quote from your post:

Try picking a quote from your post that is intriguing to give your followers a flavor of your content.

This goes on to give the followers a glimpse of what the content is about and arouses curiosity in them to find out more making it an effective means to drive traffic by use of Twitter.

6. Try using @mentions:

If your post includes influential people or companies, it’s best to mention them in your post tweet. Chances are, your tweet might be retweeted to their followers which is a guaranteed way of driving traffic to your site.

7. Retweet post content that is mentioned:

When someone mentions content from your post, you should retweet their tweet. This will drive traffic to your site as it is a clear indication that your content is appealing to Twitter users at large, not just your followers.

Michael Jones